At VitalDent we believe that prevention is better than cure. If you visit us, we will solve your immediate problem, but we would really love to help you become a better version of your (dental) self! We believe in treating you with the dignity you deserve and that it is possible to be a World Class service provider in Secunda.

VitalDent was created because of a need. A need for patients to stop being scared of the dentist and procrastinating dental visits due to fear. A need for patients to be given the service they deserve while paying a fee they can afford. A need for a love of dental hygiene and dental visits to be instilled in our young patients from as soon as possible. A need for dentistry to be fun again.


Dr. Lezaan Steyn
Dr. Lezaan Steyn

Founder, Dentist, 

Founder, Dentist, 

Lezaan started her career by studying oral hygiene because she felt that a firm footing in prevention would make her a better dentist. She qualified as an oral hygienist in 2007 and then as a dentist in 2012, both at the University of Pretoria. She has spent the last 4 years working in the Lowveld and in Secunda. She honed her technical skills while meticulously planning every detail of the vision she had for this practice. When the time was right, she sourced the best team she could find and started VitalDent.

Nicki du Plessis

Dental Assistant

Nicki's keen sense of detail and unbridled passion for all things dentistry makes her the perfect partner to Dr. Anmarie's work.

Dr. Anmarie Smit


Anmarie is an artist. She also happens to be a stellar dentist with a solid technical background.

Anmarie  completed her studies in dentistry at the University of Pretoria and her community service at the Elizabeth Ross District Hospital. 

Anmarie's unique combination of technical ability and an eye for aesthetics makes her a perfect fit at VitalDent.

Thembi Makata

General Assistant

Thembi ensures that the team is supported where needed. 

Her loyalty, dedication and intense attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Cathy Richter

Bookkeeper, Practice Administrator

Cathy knows the books. She has been doing books for dental practices for 19 years. She is comprehensive and methodical. 

Plainly put: Cathy is with VitalDent because she is the best there is. She helps us to get claims resolved with the medical aid and ensures that all aspects of the practice runs smoothly.

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Precious Tsweneagae

Cleaner, Tea Lady

Precious ensures that the practice and all the equipment and instruments are squeaky clean and that the rest of the team is supported in any other relevant activities.


She takes pride in her work and is a vital part of our team.

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Sharon Vilakazi

Dental Assistant

Sharon supports Dr. Lezaan in her work. Sharon loves dental assisting. Her bubbly personality leaves our patients feeling right at home.

We are really excited to have Sharon on our team! 

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Elsa Viljoen

Receptionist, Patient Liaison

Elsa ensures that everything at the practice runs smoothly and that all patients feel at home.

She is always friendly and willing to help, just ask her if there is anything you need to know!